Sunday, June 28, 2009

Blogging Virgin!

I'm going to attempt to journal this crazy ride George and I have embarked upon. I know some of you are interested in the craziness we are partaking in at the moment so I thought what better way to share our most personal, intimate moments than to send them out over the world wide web! LOL!

As all of you know we have been trying to start our family for awhile now and have just recently started the process known as IVF. That would be in-vitro fertilization for those of you hiding under a rock who have not heard the term. It is an expensive, scary process but one that we are running into head on. We want a baby that bad. Ya know, our own little person to screw up as we see fit. The first part of this process is the lovely giant bag of medications I've started taking. I'm posting a picture of said giant bag... well not actually the bag but the crap that came out of it. I was extremely overwhelmed when I first got it but I've gone through it and I'm good to go now. Right now I'm just taking the meds, they are okay, I've not had many side effects, one day of crazy hives, (they went away on their own, no anaphylactic shock or anything) I've been a little snippy, and somewhat emotional, but I guess that's to be expected since I'm pumping myself full of hormones! I'll start the meds that make my eggies grow next week and hopefully we'll be pregnant before July is over!