Friday, April 30, 2010


So here is the final belly shot, I was 39 weeks 4 days and ready to meet our little girl!!  I thought I looked so good but looking now my face was swollen and I looked kinda rough! LOL!!

Waynesville Shower!!

After weeks of trying to get the stupid slideshow to post I've given up, I have no idea why it hasn't worked but I don't know what else to do, sooo I'm adding a link to the slideshow of my totally AWESOME shower!

So two of my besties threw me an AMAZING shower a couple of weeks ago.  Everything about it was perfect, and it was even more special because we've always done showers together for eachother so it was nice that it was my turn;) Plus I think the showers have gotten better every time, LUCKY ME!!  We played some fun games like guess the baby, it had pics of me, Ashley, George, Chance, my mom, and his parents plus a bonus guess... which was Elise! LOL! ALso guess the baby animal... which I won, 100%! Because I ROCK!!  And don't say owl, which most people got although some were confused, they must not know me very well!!  The decorations were awesome, cake was beautiful, and the favor... the princess tree was PERFECT!  It was made all the better by all the people that graced the day, both Elise and Tracy came from out of town to throw this wonderful shower, also my awesome mom and sister came to celebrate along with our chosen family, the Burcham crew.  George's grandma and aunt and cousin also came in from out of town.  Mix that with all of our wonderful Waynesville peeps and it was a perfect day.  Thank you sooooo much girls, EVERYTHING was AWESOME!!!!