Sunday, January 31, 2010

And the crib is up!

Two posts in one day, wow!  While I was out this afternoon George worked hard and got the crib up! He did a great job and was very proud of himself, as was I :~) It is so exciting to have this piece of furniture up in her room!  We haven't ordered the dresser yet, we'll probably do that next weekend but we do have the hutch that has to go over the top of it that we'll have to get put together.  Big thanks to my mom and George's parents for our awesome bedroom furniture!!  I'm posting a few pics of what the crib looks like although it's not in the right spot in the room nor does it have any of it's cute bedding in!  That to come later:~)

Daddy working hard to get it finished!

Proud Papa!

Can't have a picture without at least one owl!

And done! It's beautiful!!

31 weeks!!

I know it has been FOREVER!  I have no real excuses besides being L.A.Z.Y!  Actually, there isn't a whole lot to post, I'm still feeling great, getting bigger, and anxiously anticipating the arrivial of this little girl!! 

My last appointment went well I'm up a whopping 12lbs and measuring about 3 days ahead of schedule (that can change at any time, not a big deal).  My doctor did say that because of the diabetes she will NOT let me go past my due date.  In a way this is good and bad.  I REALLY don't want to be induced for several reasons, on the other hand at least we know she will be here by April 2nd and no later!! YAY!!  I was sent for a growth ultrasound this past Tuesday and baby girl is measuring PERFECT, she is weighing approximately 3.2lbs (in the books it says anywhere between 3-4lbs.).  We weren't able to get many good pics though because she was totally squshed up, feet literally on top of her head!  She has been like that at EVERY single appointment since 20 weeks, at the 26 week ultrasound we were able to get her to move around and strech out but this time she was being stubborn (she must get that from her dad).  She was also sucking on her bottom lip, I thought it was so funny that the ultrasound tech could tell that, I could see that she was sucking but once she pointed out that it was her lip I could really tell!  And I was able to see her "breathing" which was really cool, getting practice in for when she's on the outside!!

I'm adding one pic from the ultrasound, the one that shows her foot on her head!  And a couple of belly shots, they aren't that great but they're from my phone, I can't find my camera case so I'm not able to plug my camera into my computer, so I'm working with what I've got;)

28 weeks  

29 weeks

30 weeks

Future Gymnast?