Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chicago Shower!!

So my sister (with much help from my mom) threw an AMAZING baby shower for me in Chicago two weeks ago.  Everything was so beautiful and the food was soooo good!  She of course went over the top and I loved it all!  Baby girl and I were showered with love and fun, fun, stuff from family as well as some good friends.  My Aunt Toni made the most AWESOME owl cake with adorable little cupcakes (with help from my cousin Taylor).  Everything was PERFECT!!  I can't express how thankful I am to everyone, and especially Ashley and my mom for all their hard work!  Thank you guys!!!

Now to what you really want, pictures!  I don't have as many as I would like but a good friend of my mom's took several so I'll have those next weekend. 
Some of the BEAUTIFUL flowers with the cute little ribbon detail Ashley did.

Pom-poms hung all over the ceiling and the table with the raffle tickets and envelops for thank-you's

Yummy cake pop favors!

The AWESOME diaper cake with the sweetest little owl hat!!
Handmade stir sticks for the yummy cocktails... I did not partake in those!
Candy Bar Game!
The AMAZING cake made by my Aunt Toni, and the adorable cupcakes made by her with some help from my cousin Taylor! They did a GREAT job!!
Opening a few gifts, mostly the pictures Ashley took of me opening gifts I look like a HUGE nerd, the first one is opening the AWESOME gift from my cousin Amanda, a scrap book from EVERY post off the blog, right from the begininng of IVF until now!  Yes I'm crying!!  The second are some owl pj's from my cousin Al, I have a matching robe (courtesy of her mom at Christmas) think I'm excited?! LOL
Our most gracious hosts... Miss Stella and her Mama and Papa... Auntie Ashie and Uncle Jeremy!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

And the walls are DONE!!

So I started the mural for the nursery last Saturday.  My mom and aunt were supposed to come down in a few weeks to help me with it but schedules were full and times are crazy, I was on my own.  I've had this mural planned out in my head for some time so it was really fun to watch it come to life, and to be honest, it turned out even better than I could have imagined!  I LOVE it SOOOO much!!!  Everything about it is perfect and I can't wait for our little girl to enjoy her new room!  Sorry ahead of time for the picture overload! I just wanted to show the progression!

This isn't how the room will be set up, we're still not sure of how that's going to go since we don't have the bookshelf finished yet nor is the dresser in.