Saturday, October 24, 2009

17 weeks, waaaay cuter picture! LOL

Okay, so I made George take another picture today before I went to a wedding shower. I looked much better and not quite as bloated:)

Slacker here...

I know it's been awhile since I've updated but there's not much to talk about but I'm VERY busy with my class! So here's what's going on with us... I'm actually starting to show, about 3 weeks ago I started to notice my clothes fitting a little more snug but I now have an actual "baby bump" I've gained about a pound so I'm happy with that! I've decided that I HATE maternity clothes, especially pants, but I need something comfy, luckily my mom found these amazing knit pants at New York and Co. that just slip on, no buttons, snaps, zippers or best of all huge panel! LOL!

I ordered a heart doppler so we can listen to the baby's heartbeat each night, George thought I was slightly crazy but he thinks it's really cool to hear as well. And it's EXTREMELY reassuring to know this little one is safe and sound! I am starting to feel some movements but it'll be nice when I can tell the difference between baby moves and gas:) I guess that's all for now, I'm posting (against my better judgment:) a belly pic below, I was trying to wait until it looked more like baby and less like chub! haha I think I'm close!

And a note on the photo... I look REALLY rough BUT I had been at parent teacher conferences so it was a VERY long day!!