Monday, March 15, 2010

Maternity Pictures!

So a couple of weeks ago George and I went and had maternity pictures done.  I really liked a lot of them and really HATED a lot of them! Here is the link...

then go to LOGIN... Allen

Class Shower!

So my super sweet 2nd grade class had a shower for me on Friday.  Two of the mom's got together, sent home "invitations" and even brought cupcakes (pink of course) and juice (yes it was pink too).  Several kids brought gifts, little outfits, toys, board books, bath supplies, wipes, and a gift card.  It was so stinkin sweet!  They are all VERY excited about the baby and we had a great time.  I only got a group shot, it's hard to take pictures with 22 7-8 year olds clamoring for your attention!  They LOVE doing silly pics so I've included that one in there even though it's blurry.  And you'll notice most of them have the baby bottles that were on top of the cupcakes, they got a huge kick out of those!

37 Weeks!! Only 15 days to go... WOOHOO!!!!!

So here's a quick shot of 37 weeks... I can't believe we are almost there.  While I'm SOOO excited to meet our little girl, I am also sad at the thought of not being pregnant anymore.  I have loved EVERY single minute of it and it's going to be hard to share her after all this time;) Plus like Ashley pointed out... now I'll have to worry about what clothes look like again! Everythng is pretty cute when rocking a baby bump!

HUGE!!! (excuse the bruises... yes my husband beats me)

And because I like this guy;)
(even if he does look kinda goofy!)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Take a guess!!

So I've been told with only 17 days to go we need a poll (we all know who Miss Bossy is! lol) So here is a place for you amazing people to put down your ideas (I know you're blog stalking, LEAVE A COMMENT).  So answer some questions and in just a little over 2 weeks we'll know who the winner is! 
  • gender - serioulsy if you get this wrong I've got some BIG problems!
  • date of birth
  • AM or PM birth or specific time
  • weight
  • length
  • eye color/hair color (or no hair!) 
  • Name Guess???
The catch order to win and receive bragging rights, you have to put your answers in the form of a comment to the blog. This is all done in fun, but I know there are a couple of competitors out there just waiting for their bragging rights!

And thanks Elise... because I stole this off the "Plum Poll"

Monday, March 1, 2010

35 Weeks!!

So this is a HORRIBLE belly shot... seriously I'm grungy and skanky and you can see my UGLY strech marks, BUT I haven't posted one in FOREVER so here goes!