Monday, March 15, 2010

37 Weeks!! Only 15 days to go... WOOHOO!!!!!

So here's a quick shot of 37 weeks... I can't believe we are almost there.  While I'm SOOO excited to meet our little girl, I am also sad at the thought of not being pregnant anymore.  I have loved EVERY single minute of it and it's going to be hard to share her after all this time;) Plus like Ashley pointed out... now I'll have to worry about what clothes look like again! Everythng is pretty cute when rocking a baby bump!

HUGE!!! (excuse the bruises... yes my husband beats me)

And because I like this guy;)
(even if he does look kinda goofy!)


  1. George however is kinda scaring me...

  2. You look awesome and happy and beautiful! Can't believe we are to the 2 week exciting!!!

  3. LMAO!!! You posted that pic cause YOU look cute!! And George is goofy, so its ok. You're little bump is too adorable. And I think you've got your numbers wrong, it's more like 13 days ;)

  4. You looked so cute the other night (I think this was the same day as the bday party)! I was feeling very left out not being prego there! Best wishes if I don't see you. And by the way- it never hurts to have lots of people "on call" for nursing questions- they can happen at any time and I had lots of them! Feel free to call me, I don't mind. We're so excited for you guys!!