Friday, September 25, 2009

12w5d, baby is growing!

Well we had our appointment today, got another u/s, it was awesome! We were really able to see a lot. Fingers, toes, elbows, face, big ol' head! We loved it! We went to a different doctor today, this is the one we'll be using. We both really liked her, she was very thorough and George loved her middle eastern accent LOL! Anyway Petri was measuring well, heartbeat looked great and I still haven't gained any weight, YAY! I might try to scan in some of the pictures later but they were pretty crappy. Thanks for all you're prayers, I feel like now that I'm in the 2nd trimester I can finally breathe a little easier!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

9 1/2 weeks, new doctor, awesome ultra sound, GREAT DAY!

Well my appointment this week was AWESOME!! We were there forever but the nurse was amazing, so sweet and funny and the Dr. was totally goofy but we both really liked him. The u/s was the most wonderful thing! Little Petri actually looks like a baby! We saw big head (takes after mama) and tiny little arms and legs. The Dr. was so great too as he was doing the u/s because he said at this stage the baby is moving around so he just held the u/s wand in place for awhile until the baby moved!!! We were so shocked to see that, even George was like WOW! We also got to hear the hb. I forgot to ask what the rate was but he said it was a nice strong hb so I'm guessing that was a good thing. Baby also measured right on date, 9 weeks 4 days. We didn't get any still shots because the camera was broke but we did record it and they told us if we take it to Walgreen's they will put it on a disc and we can print out pics. I have another appointment next week with another Dr. at a different hospital. I would cancel all together because I liked this one so much (plus the nurse said he's really easy to talk into doing extra u/s!!) BUT this office doesn't take my secondary insurance and the other place does. Once we get the quotes from the insurance company we'll be able to better decide where we're going to go. But the good thing about that is another u/s next week! LOL!