Tuesday, December 29, 2009

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!

So we are about to become the proud parents of a little girl! Here's the breakdown of the opening of "THE ENVELOPE" It goes like this...

5:30 pm December 23: I BEG George to plllleeeeaaaasssseeee open the envelope, NO ONE would have to know! His response, "nope, there's no way you could keep that secret for a whole 24 hours" okay so he knows me well.

I wait.

Around 9:30pm December 23, PLLLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE can we open it now? We're going to bed soon, I can for sure keep the secret then, "nope, it's not Christmas.

I wait (not very patiently I might add).

7:00 am December 24, Me: IT'S CHRISTMAS, LET'S OPEN IT! Him: It is NOT Christmas and I'm sleeping, leave me alone...

I wait.

9:30 am December 24, Me: lovingly rubbing my sleepy hubby's back... my mom is now at work, Ashley is getting her hair done, I'm desperate, I might have to work for this envelope opening, but at this point I'm willing to do what it takes! LOL!!! He rolls over and looks at me like you've GOT to be kidding. I beg again and show him that I have taken it upon myself to go out to the car and get said envelope... he tells me to OPEN IT!!! So before he changes his mind I rip it open, now for some reason I'm a bit nervous! I slowly take out the picture that the ultrasound tech has put in there for us and I pull out the card stock that she wrote it on, we both open it... GIRL! I cry, he is grinning ear to ear. We are so happy! Now... plan how to tell the rest of the family.

Since we are not with George's family we call his parents first, George's dad says he knew all along, his mom is happy... what will they do with a girl? LOL!

Fast forward... 11:30 am. My sister is now home, we're starving so we're going to get lunch. We want my mom to join us; we've planned how we'll tell them. My mom being the procrastinator she is still wants to do some last minute shopping, I tell Ashley to convince her to come... Ashley has now figured out that we opened the envelope, she's FREAKING out. We won't tell until they are both together, she freaks more, calls my mom insisting she HURRY up and get to where we are!! FINALLY my mom shows up... we hand them each a little bag... they must open it together, inside each bag is a tiny pair of pink socks, tears and hugs all around!

Christmas Eve night... my whole family gets together, for some reason this year we were all there early (unheard of for my family) we're itching to tell and I have NO poker face so when someone asks (everyone at some point) if we know I can't contain myself, I grin! BUT we're waiting on the Pie family before we announce. Finally everyone is there... it takes one of my uncles (not sure which) 2 times with that obnoxiously loud whistle to quiet down my loud ass family. We're all here, together, and it's a GIRL! Tears, hugs, woohoo's!

And that's our day! Well worth the wait. We can't wait to meet our little lady! And of course mommy, Aunt Ashley, and Mimi (still testing that out) went shopping the day after Christmas and indulged in some sweet girl shopping, I'm in trouble I can tell already! 

Oh yeah... because this post isn't long enough... we had a 3D ultrasound on Sunday, they were not the best images and since I have an anterior placenta (in the front) the baby was kind of smushed up aganist it so it was a little hard to see her face, plus she was bent in half with her legs over her head!  We did fially get her to strech out a little bit and here are the pics of that.