Thursday, May 13, 2010

First bath... and a few more:)

So I know I'm waaaay behind! I'm gonna add a few things that are quite old but want to have them on here anyway.

Her first bath was a bust, she was sooo mad! However, the next was better and now she LOOOOVES bath time! I do bath, daddy does lotion and pj's, she's such a snuggly bug afterward!

Sponge bath!

Daddy always snuggles with her for a few minutes before getting her ready for bed:)

And then again after



  1. She is so darn cute...even when she doesn't like her bath! Love her "exhausted" pic at the wears a girl out to be so cute!

  2. We have the same routine...even to this day, sometimes we switch up the duties but we both do a job if we are both here! Love it! And how sweet are those before and after cuddles with Daddy :) Ditto on loving that exhausted pic...adorable!