Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oh the comments!

Why oh why can people not keep their weird and rude comments to themselves! I know everyone says when you're pregnant that everyone feels like it's their business, boy am I finding out how true that is. At first it was nice having everyone fawning all over me, asking how I was, how I was feeling, what symptoms did I have. Now... well now it's just ANNOYING! Hey people, maybe this bitchiness is a symptom! I guess I'm a little freaked because we don't get to see the bean this week, we have for the past 2 and it is sooo reassuring. Not only that, I am virtually symptom free and it kinda freaks me out, even though I've been told by friends, family, and my nurse (yes I called) that it is completely normal. However, some people on a daily basis are asking me if I have morning sickness, no didn't have it yesterday, the day before, or today, if I start throwing up I will run straight to you so you don't miss it. Not only am I getting that question (daily) but when I resopond "no" some look at me like I'm sprouting a third head! Seriously you've NEVER met another pregnant person without morning sickness, come on! Then their are others still who proceed to tell me that if "you have morning sickness you have less chance of a miscarriage", or that "morning sickness means a healthy pregnancy". So now I'm about to miscarry at any given moment or not have a healthy pregnancy...WTH! Okay, totally sorry to bring down my normally fun and enjoyable blog with all my crankiness! I go to the Dr. next Friday and then I'll have my reassurance again... at least for another week. I tell ya, I'm not going to quit being anxious until I can feel little Petri doing high kicks inside of me!


  1. And even when you feel petri doing those high'll worry if he/she is doing them often enough. There's always a constant worry no matter what stage--it never ends. But every doc visit is a nice reassuring break from the worry. Lol!! And then they're born, and it starts a whole new set of stress. It's the life of a mama :) welcome!!!

    And who the heck is bothering you?! Tell them to shut up!! Two very healthy pregnancies with no morning sickness ever (threw up from being carsick once). The opinions and unsolicited comments/advice never ends either...

    I'm a downer giving you no hope of ppl leaving you alone! Lol!!

  2. So I had morning sickness for 3 months and a crappy pregnancy so you can tell those ppl to suck it!!! LOL!

    Comments will come the whole time and you just have to ignore them..but for sure speak up when some weirdo wants to rub your belly..gross.

    I had a lady tell me 2 day before I got induced that my baby would be ruined because I wasn't waiting for "natural" labor. WTF is "natural" labor when you've been dilated for 14 weeks! Oh man..getting all worked up!

    Call me and vent whenever you you and all of your non-symptomness:)

  3. Settle down Mamma!!!! I was never sick and I've got 3 healthy children. I've never known you to really let something get to you. You've got a long journey ahead, enjoy it, really. You'd rather those people get on your nerves than actually be sick (surely you would??) Anyways, I love you and you take care of yourself!!!

  4. oh knock it off. everything is fine. don't listin to what everyone has to say.

    p.s. lets hope the bitchness is a symptom.

    p.p.s. i will ask you if you've puked, so i can console you if it happens.

  5. You guys are the BEST! Seriously! Love you all:)

  6. It's good karma...
    You HATE puke and are a good person so not puking = good karma! I seriously can't believe people would tell you those things. I swear some people are born without a filter. Love u!