Saturday, August 29, 2009

8 week visit... HUGE bust!

I'll start by saying that the Dr. we were going to yesterday was and hour+ from where we live but the Dr. came highly recommended by a friend so we decided to give it a shot. I was scheduled to work 1/2 a day and have a sub come in at 11:30 that would have given us plenty of time to get to the clinic by 1:00. Well, she didn't get there until about 10 till 12 so we were already running late. We quickly got on the road, it was drizzly and traffic was bad. At about 12:45 we were still 30 minutes away. I called the office to let them know we would be about 15 minutes late. The (bitchy) receptionist informed me that their policy isn't to take anyone after 10 minutes. I explained the situation and she said I could ONLY be 15 minutes late or they wouldn't see me. We were hauling ass to get there and pulled up to the clinic at 1:17, George dropped me off at the door and I ran in, the clinic was HUGE so it took me a few minutes to get up there. Got there at 1:20 and the (bitchy) receptionist was SO RUDE and said I was too late and I would have to reschedule. Well I immediately burst into sobs. I asked if there was anyway they could make an exception since we drove and hour+ and these were unusual circumstances and since this was my first pregnancy and first OB appointment and I was very anxious to see the baby. I told her we would sit around all day if we had to. She just responded with a "Nope" so hateful! I walked out of the office to find George, I was literally hysterical, I know a little over the top but I was soooo upset and she was soooo mean! George went in and was very polite and tried to talk to her but I guess she was just as rude, he even asked if there was anyway we could see a different doctor and she told him "not for another few weeks" he then asked if there was another OB practice and she said "yes but I guarantee they won't get you in either" I honestly still can't believe how hateful this woman was. So to make a long story longer... we didn't get in, called around and FINALLY got in to a Dr. I've never heard of, but who had a VERY NICE receptionist who I told the story to and was appropriately appalled and said they would get me in on Thursday and to bring a video tape because they'll tape the u/s! YAY! After that I had some retail therapy and then went for a great early dinner complete with Italian donuts with chocolate dipping sauce at Olive Garden, YUM! LOL! So that's my day! It was horrible but ended up being okay, sad that I have to wait another week but I'm feeling better about everything being okay with little Petri, I have no reason to think otherwise. Hopefully I'll be able to put some pictures up next week of how much Petri has changed!


  1. STUPID RECEPTIONIST!!!! You be sure to tell everyone NOT to go there! Can't wait for you to see little Petri next week. I know you miss him/her:)

  2. What's the name of the doctor? Does he even know she treats patients like that? Somnebody needs to tell him. Nobody deserves that kind of treatment--especially you. I wish George would have clocked her and run. I am glad, however, you are feeling better and took care of yourself. Let's face it, anyone who would treat another human so poorly is insecure and filled with self-loathing about her small and miserable life. What a sad stupid f*ck she is. But you, George and petri, on the other hand, totally rock.

  3. We are calling and writing a letter so the Dr. will know. George would have liked to punch her but I'm glad he restrained! LOL

  4. Heather,
    If this was at St. Johns, there is a patient advocate that you can contact. I can almost guarantee you that this Dr. did not know about the receptionist, nor did she ask him if he would see you late. This is totally uncalled for and you should report it to the patient advocate who is specifical there for this reason.

    Let me know....

  5. What a BITCH!! she's got a power complex...still amazed at how inconsiderate & hateful she was. I'm glad the new doc was better and you were able to awe little Petri and video her ;)