Thursday, October 14, 2010

And she eats, like actually eats! Food! Not boob food, real food!

So we started MG on food last weekend.  Am I a horrible mom that twice this week I've forgotten that we started and didn't feed her?  I mean of course I fed her, just not real food, boob food.  She doesn't complain and let's be honest, after working all day and playing and snuggling I just forgot.  Oh well, I'll work harder next week.  Anyway.  She did sooo well!  We started with avocado and have since tried banana and butternut squash.  The avocado and banana were pretty chunky, I figure it'll make for an easier transition to full on table food.  She did awesome with it, opened her mouth for more, picked pieces up off her tray and generally loved it!  And the homemade food is soooo easy!  Plus with her being a little older we won't do purees for long, pretty soon it'll be chunkier and chunkier and then just what we're eating.  That's cause I'm lazy;) Here are a few eating pics, cause lets face it, we all love babies with food on their faces!


  1. Love it!! So cute! And you are so not lazy! Matylda was not a fan of the pureed stuff so as soon as she had chompers, which was really soon, she was eating table food!

    That last pic is my fave:)