Friday, October 15, 2010

And she Skypes' too!!

Since we're so far from family and friends it's nice to let them (mostly Ashley and my mom aka Mimi) see MG live!  That way they can see how she's moving and talking and playing and growing!  Mary Grace is pretty animated with it too, she totally puts on a show... when she wants to!  Here are a few pics of MG skyping with Aunt Ashley and Uncle Jeremy.  If you want in on the MG skype action just let me know!

I had to add this one because they have the same face! LOL


  1. Love it! We totally want in on the skype action! I just signed up since my new computer has a camera. It will be so much fun!!

  2. Neither myself nor MG appreciate you posting unflattering pictures. LOL I love skyping with my girl! Thank God for technology or I would have to move to Waynesville. XOXO