Saturday, November 28, 2009

22 weeks and a visit from my sister!

Everything is going really well, I'm feeling the baby move a LOT but unfortunetly no one else can at this point.  George is dying to feel this little one and I can't wait for that too!  Thanksgiving was good, just George, Chance, and myself but lots of yummy food!  I picked my sister up from the airport yesterday and we went and saw New Moon, did a little shopping (she helped me pick out a new outfit, yay!) and went to dinner.  It is so nice having her here.  We're also going to paint the baby room this weekend, just the base color for now, a really cool blue and then my mom and aunt are going to come down and help me do the tree and owls.  That's all for now, I've included a few new belly pics, it's really sticking out there now!



  1. LOVE THIS!!! You look soooo good! I'm so glad you and Ashley had a good time - yay for getting some painting done! Little baby movements are the best - hopefully George will be able to feel them soon.

    Kiss your belly for me:)

  2. Yay for lots of movement!! I'm sure George will feel them too soon! Your belly is too cute! I'm so glad you & Ashley had a great time is awesome!!! Your belly looks too stinking cute!!!! Cute little mama :)

    I need Ash's number to see if 'Operation Open Envelope' was a success. :) hee hee