Monday, November 30, 2009

Forgot one!

This was a funny one, Ashley and I were getting ready to leave so I was saying goodbye to George (while asking if he liked my new outfit) he OBVIOUSLY LOVED my new outfit, as he never took his eyes off the football game;) LOL!  And Ash caught it all!


  1. he might not have taken his eyes off the game, but how sweet is he with his hands on your belly! Love it! And your new outfit is totally cute:)

  2. shari balla said:
    How sweet and loving is that sweet Georgie!! I am so happy for you, I almost cried when I saw the pic of him feeling the baby. Thank you for sharing about owls in the baby room! I have to get busy on a special gift!

  3. Thanks girls:) Shari, you are too sweet!!!

  4. Hiya, honey...too cute pictures. When are your mom and Aunt Toni coming over to paint? I hate that I am not closer. By the way--do you already have a crib? I've seen some very cool convertable cribs that go from crib, to youth bed, to full bed--a bed that grows with the kiddo. You can see some here:

    Love you, George & Petri...

    Aunt Cecilia
    Too far away in Texas

  5. HOW DID I MISS THIS?!!!!!!! This pic is soooo sweet and hilarious! From afar I said 'awwwwww', then LMAO at his eyes!!!! Him and Jason are so twins! And of course your outfit was soooo stinking cute!!!!!